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Minutes of Meeting of 29th June 2021


The Avenue Methodist Church, Rutland Avenue

Those Present

  • Mike King
  • Jhon Munoz
  • Sheena King
  • Tony Thornby
  • Angus Massie
  • Lesley Hatton
  • Sarah Moroz


Ivan Cicin-Sain

Minutes of Last Meeting

No corrections were suggested to the minutes from 19/05/21

Wycombe Council

MK – following our last meeting, MK e-mailed Matt and asked if he could update us re: Wycombe Council situation. MK quoted Matt’s response ie: that a Wycombe Town Council is unlikely to be established in the near future and that the resolution originally passed by Wycombe Council supporting FT will still stand. He advised that for now, we will have to work within the existing systems of Wycombe Town Committee and the Mayor and Charter Trustees.

Population Matters/ Wycombe Friends of the Earth

Deferred – in Ivan’s absence

Website/Social media

TT – there hasn’t been much content added but TT shared the website’s traffic figures for June and which pages have been viewed. Numbers are up but this is mainly because we published some info on St Vincent. The figures showed 97 views of the St Vincent page and 57 of the home page.

MK – also there was the Wycombe Sound interview in which TT mentioned the St Vincent disaster appeal

AM –some people must have gone straight to the St Vincent page and not via the home page

JM – put a photo of MK and Andrea onto Facebook and it generated some traffic

Coope Victoria/Grecia link

MK – showed our banner that has been printed for the partnership – part of the bottom text which included the website addresses has been missed off. Cost was approx £40. Propose that we go back to Grecia and get them to work on the sizing. Also the Costa Rican and British flags were slightly chopped off.

AM – is willing to try adjusting this.

MK – some of the colours also did not come out. We need to go back to the printers and ask them to try again once we have adjusted it.

TT – we could ask if they could reprint it and us to re-use the rollers/stands for it.

MK – there might have been discrepancies caused by differences between Costa Rican and UK software systems

Treasurer’s report

SK – balance is still £201.75. Plan is to get signatories changed to SK and SM (MK to be taken off).

Meeting with Mayor

MK – Andrea is totally committed to our cause. Her consort is Nabeela Rana (another Wycombe Independent councillor) and her deputy is Lesley Clarke. Hence we have good support. MK had a 90 minute meeting with Andrea (on 14/06/21). She is willing for us to provide catering at the Mayor’s Carol concert and possibly on other occasions. She can’t bring much pressure to bear on what products the council uses but suggested a couple of people who we may be able to approach re: product procurement. Re: Road signage – she advised that we would have to approach Bucks Council about this. Andrea hopes to attend our next meeting on 21st July.

There was a group discussion re: Wycombe not having a District Council. If a District Council was set up, ownership of Council properties would have to revert to Wycombe from Bucks – this may be an issue.

TT – will put MK’s report of his meeting with Andrea onto our website.

MK – will provide summary for TT

MK – Andrea was also willing to take part in Zoom meetings with Grecia’s Mayor etc.
Links with other neighbouring groups

MK – Ivan suggested inviting people from neighbouring groups to our meeting and perhaps arrange joint events eg. a speaker event.

SM – the Fairtrade Foundation and other groups are putting together a package for schools available from September re: COP26. We could support Wycombe FOE if they wanted to approach schools with this.

We could also join with other local FT groups if we need to lobby Bucks Council about something.

TT – feels we should concentrate more on engaging with people within Wycombe and subjects relevant to them.

MK – our link with the mayor will help this.

MK – had an online meeting with Bucks New Uni. They did run a FT breakfast and had a FT wine and cheese event around World FT Day but won’t have a FT rep until autumn at earliest.

Grecia schools link

JM – e-mail went to Headteacher of Wycombe High but no reply yet. May have gone to junk or they have just been too busy. Perhaps we should just send letters out instead but also to other schools as well. Maria already has established contact at a school in Grecia and they are happy to have the link with schools here.

AM – problem with timing at the moment as it is nearly the end of term.

JM – may be more difficult at the beginning of a term though. Perhaps if we sent them now they would then have the information ready for the autumn

MK – we could send letters to teachers in various departments – Geography, Business Studies, Spanish etc

Places of Worship mini-team

MK – we are being hampered by GDPR

LH – will be able to provide some contact names and details within the Methodist churches. She could put it on the agenda for their church council next week

SM – thinks we should just ask people to e-mail the faiths e-mail address provided by Chrysi rather than give all the other more complicated details in the proposed church letter.

LH – could put a link in the letter to the relevant section on the FT Foundation website
Pann Mill Open Day

MK – September date should be going ahead at Pann Mill

SK – willing to arrange Traidcraft stall at this.

MK – costs £10 for a stall all day including a gazebo.

Next meeting

Wednesday 21st July – Place to be confirmed –
possibly Micklefield Library

Minutes of Zoom Meeting of 19th May 2021

Those present

  • Mike King
  • Sarah Moroz
  • Sheena King
  • Tony Thornby

Jhon Munoz and Ivan Cicin-Sain – hope to join later in meeting

No corrections were suggested to the minutes from 21/04/21

Bucks Climate Action Alliance

MK – 113 Conservative councillors were elected out of 147 as a result of local elections. MK went to post-election Zoom meeting. The BCAA issues were got out there and BCAA will continue – the long-term aim is to educate the public and councillors on climate change and the urgency regarding it. A number of independent candidates also got in. In MK’s ward 2 Labour candidates and a Conservative got in. Matt Knight and Steve Guy were both elected. MK/SK found out today that the new mayor of Wycombe is Andrea Baughan. She is very pro-environment and FT. MK suggests that we send a message of congratulations from the steering group and say that we look forward to working with her.

SM – agreed

MK – BCAA decided that they will need to work with all the councillors

Website/Social Media

TT – recently has been trying to keep content going – but we do have a challenge because since beginning of year the highest view was 11 views for the post re: WFF joining the BCAA. We have a lot of followers on our Facebook page but not views on the website

SM – wondering if we should advertise our next meeting date

TT – there has been an upgrade to WordPress and it has affected some of the navigation of web pages on our website. TT will try to fix it

Wycombe Council

MK – someone suggested to him that Bucks Council don’t want Wycombe to have a Town Council because of all the properties they own.

SM – perhaps we should invite Matt to our next meeting to fill us in on current situation at Bucks Council and Wycombe

MK – we could perhaps meet physically next time – either at Matt’s Cafe, Micklefield Library or Avenue church.

TT – has just Googled – there is still a town committee for Wycombe – they have a meeting on 26th May.

Treasurer’s report

SK – we had £251.75 in our account at our last meeting date. It was agreed then to give a £50 donation to the St Vincent appeal. MK paid this from his account and then we reimbursed MK from the WFF account. Hence the balance will now be £201.75.

Wycombe Sound

MK – MK and TT went on Wycombe Sound on 7th May.

SK – Claudia (their Spanish teacher) listened to it and was full of praise for this (she has done radio interviews herself)

MK – they were on for 35 mins

Wycombe Friends of the Earth

I C-S – Wycombe FOE are active in the Wycombe Environment group – a sub-group of the Wycombe Community board which is part of the council. It is led by Penelope Tollett – an ex-council officer – they have done a lot of work on a Bee Day.

Other local Fairtrade groups

I C-S – has researched most local FT groups – Windsor & Maidenhead, Henley and Chesham – perhaps we could invite their co-ordinators to part or whole of one of our meetings

SK – maybe we could have ‘guest speakers’ at some of our meetings

MK – we have had contact with Chesham, Witney and Oxford groups in the past. Oxford group are also developing international contacts.

MK – for our next meeting perhaps we could invite Matt. Thereafter invite someone from one of the other local groups.

TT – there is an environmental action group in Marlow – being led by same person who is leader of the Town Council

MK – Bucks New Uni are having problems engaging students on FT issues at the moment. Tuition has been largely on-line for last 2 terms. They don’t have a rep specifically for FT. MK has asked if such a person could be part of our steering group once they are appointed.

Places of Worship mini-team

MK – re: the e-mail from Chrysi since last meeting – there are 5 places of worship in and around Wycombe which have responded to the Fairtrade Foundation’s enquiries – but she is not able to tell us which ones as they haven’t given their permission for their data to be given out. Perhaps we need a mini-group meeting to decide our way ahead.

SM – need some clarity from Chrysi on use of portal etc

SK – noticed that St Mary and St George wasn’t on Angus’s list. Their website is but there is no e-mail address. SK/MK’s neighbour, Lesley Hatton, who is a lay Methodist preacher would be able to pass information round the Methodist circuit.

MK – will contact Chrysi and try to clarify method of communication for Places of Worship who want to register/re-register.

Grecia/Coope Victoria link

MK – JM can’t make it tonight due to a work commitment. JM wanted to say re: World FT Day, that, in addition to the Wycombe Sound radio interview, JM went into various shops in Wycombe which sell FT goods and did videos for Grecia/Coope Victoria for World FT Day. On 15th May, MK, JM and SK attended an on-line meeting (in Spanish) with Grecia/Coope Victoria during which some videos were shown that Grecia/Coope Victoria have produced promoting and explaining FT. Today, MK has sent off the banner to be printed.

SK – thought the meeting was very professional. JM had sent Powerpoint presentations beforehand so they were able to go through it.

MK – they are also promoting the ‘Coope Victoria experience’, where members of the public can go to them and learn about what they do.


MK – JM’s wife has sent the e-mail to the Headteacher at Wycombe High. Waiting to hear back.


SK – mentioned that it is Bob’s anniversary today. Thinking of Maggie and rest of family.

Next meeting

To be arranged

Minutes of Zoom Meeting of 21st April 2021

Those present

  • Mike King
  • Sarah Moroz
  • Sheena King
  • Ivan Cicin-Sain – Wycombe Friends of the Earth


Jhon Munoz and Ivan Cicin-Sain hope to join for 2nd half of meeting

Gold Cup award for Coope Victoria coffee

MK –sent out the news re: Coope Victoria’s Gold Cup award to the company we are hoping will produce the Costa Rican anniversary coffee. Maria sent details of the award and MK sent these to Tony to put onto our website. MK wrote an introduction to go with it.

Social media

SM – asked re: contact section of website – what happens to any comments/messages put on there by people going onto the website?

MK – need to ask Tony. Also need to sort out rota for looking at our new public e-mail address

Costa Rican trip

MK – MK/SK planning to go to Costa Rica in October – this will coincide with the 78th anniversary of Coope Victoria becoming a co-operative.

Fairtrade Fortnight events

SM – hasn’t yet sent links round to the steering group for the 2 webinars that she attended in Fairtrade Fortnight (Bruce Crowther interview and the one organised by the Tunbridge Wells group re: the challenges of climate change for food producers) – but will do so.

Bucks Climate Action Alliance/May 6th elections

MK – Bucks Climate Action Alliance now has many members – such as the Chiltern Society (who have done a good presentation re: lowering of the water table). BCAA has encouraged people to vote on May 6th for candidates who have signed the climate pledge.

MK – wrote to 11 councillors re: climate pledge. MK has delivered BCAA leaflets to 250 households re: May 6th election. This was targeted to Amersham Common and Little Chalfont (Martin Tett’s ward). MK has also delivered 200 leaflets for the independent candidates.

SK – re: hustings on 19th April – organised by BCAA – Steve Guy (Independent) was there, also candidates for the Green Party and the Labour Party – the Conservatives were not represented but Martin Tett sent a letter outlining their position.

MK – attended a BCAA follow-up meeting last night. All the parties were wanting to collaborate. The issues are national as well as local. MK will also be helping to deliver some further leaflets. MK will send SM the link showing details of the leaflet and BCAA

Treasurer’s report

SK – Nothing has changed in our balance since last meeting (£251.75). Tony has highlighted that we should perhaps be supporting St Vincent re: the volcano eruption disaster appeal.

Perhaps we could make a donation to the St Vincent Second Generation group (SV2G) which is organising a collection. SK suggested that we could make a donation of £50 via the Just Giving page.

MK – St Vincent are very dependent on their banana crop and this has been wiped out.

MK – we haven’t had to spend anything on insurance this year, so we could perhaps make this donation. Sebert Graham is also organising some aid.

MK – although it would be good to have a link with a banana-producer country, it may be better to make contact with the Dominican Republic for this.

Banners for Grecia/Coope Victoria link

MK – has a meeting tomorrow with Maria and JM. Maria has a completed version of the 2 banners (English and Spanish). MK will send these round to the group. They look eye-catching. Tony also sent a link to a company which could produce the banner for us – could cost about £40.

I C-S joined the meeting.

Other matters/World Fairtrade Day

MK – Tony has been working on updates to the website.

IC-S – agreed with £50 donation to St Vincent fund.

MK – re: ideas for World FT Day, May 8th. Maria sent a pdf of the Gold cup event and some photos; banner is done. MK has written a report re: Kate Raworth’s webinar on circular economics.

SM – Rapanui is a clothing company which uses the circular model

MK – this system puts people and planet first. It can be used on national level as well.

SM – it would be good to have a history of our link with Grecia/Coope Victoria on our website and highlight it for World FT Day.

MK – there is a bilingual school in Grecia which may want to form links with a school in Wycombe

SM – there is info on MK’s e-mail on 27/10/20 re: the history of our link with Grecia/Coope Victoria

SK – SK/SM could put some paragraphs together on this for the website.

Churches mini-team

MK – has had an e-mail from Chrysi Dimaki giving an update on how far the FT Foundation has got with their campaign to contact churches. She will be sending any info they have on churches in HP12 and HP13, as requested by MK. Angus has had problems with Data Protection for sending out our e-mail letter to churches so it may take longer to compile details for churches in the town.

Next meeting

To be arranged

Minutes of Zoom Meeting of 16th March 2021

Those present

  • Mike King
  • Sheena King
  • Tony Thornby
  • Sarah Moroz
  • Ivan Cicin-Sain – Wycombe Friends of the Earth

Wycombe Friends of the Earth / Population Matters / Bucks Climate Action Alliance

I C-S – re: Wycombe Friends of the Earth – he has done an update recently with Steve Norton. The group have started to be more active on food waste and are expecting a talk soon by Trevor Snaith who runs the Wycombe Food Hub. I C-S is also joining the board of this as they want someone involved with climate change. The Bucks Climate Action Alliance group and others are also lobbying councillors. The other areas in which the group are currently active are fossil fuel divestment and eco organisations. The dormant campaigns are ‘Finding Greta’, schools/junior projects and work on bees and litter picking.

Population Matters group – currently dormant

MK – Wycombe for Fairtrade has now joined the Bucks Climate Action Alliance (we are the 23rd member). MK had a Zoom call with Steve Morton.

Social media

TT – Has picked out items from the feeds he gets and puts them on an automatic schedule to go on our Facebook and Twitter pages. If anyone comes across a site that TT may not be picking up, let TT know. He has detected same pattern that MK mentioned – the articles increasingly mention environment and climate change and the disproportionate effect of the pandemic on the poorer producers.

Grecia/Coope Victoria link

JM – has discussed ideas with Maria for joint activities. One of the main ones is the relationship between schools in our 2 countries. Maria is contacting schools in Grecia, in the same way that we are. JM’s wife used to work at Wycombe High –suggests we could start with this school.

MK – JM has suggested amendments to our schools letter. We could send a trial e-mail to Wycombe High. MK has the relevant e-mail addresses for the schools and the subject heads.

I C-S – found it quite hard to get contact into Wycombe High with Wycombe FOE’s ‘Finding Greta’ project. Once they know you it’s easier.

SM – could JM’s wife talk to the Headteacher to make sure they know who we are?

JM – she could do this. She left Wycombe High a couple of years ago but she should be able to do this. Schools are very busy at the moment due to the return after lockdown. Perhaps better to leave it a few weeks.

JM – hasn’t yet heard back from Maria re: the wording of the banner that we sent. He will ask.

Journal of Fair Trade article

MK – no further progress on the article for the Journal of Fair Trade but they have accepted all the diagrams in the correct format.

Treasurer’s report

SK – no change in our bank balance since our last meeting £251.75

I C-S – could we put our account details on our website in case anyone wants to donate?

MK – good idea, we should do this.

Fairtrade Fortnight

MK – all the households in Tilehurst where his father lives received a leaflet from Kingdom Coffee showing some new varieties of coffee –this happened to tie in with FT Fortnight but was also a drive for Kingdom to increase sales to individual households.
There are several pages in the latest Lidl catalogue on FT.

SM – took part in 2 FT webinars, both very good – will send links

SK – saw a very good one on the first day of FT Fortnight, chaired by Lucy Seagull of the Guardian. The Chairlady of CLAC was one of the participants. It also included Esther Stanford who is a ‘reparationist’ and Tim Lang, an academic on food security. They discussed the situation on the ground for producers due to climate change. Also the fact that lower commodity prices are not covering the cost of living and that there have been increase in costs due to Covid.

MK – he attended 4 sessions. Suggests that we each do a write up that can be put up on our website. One of the sessions discussed boosting the supply chain network and included Cheryl Pinto, a sourcing manager for Ben & Jerry’s – they are a FT certified as well as a B-Corp company. B-Corp runs parallel to a lot of FT principles.
Many of the webinars discussed climate change.

MK – was also invited to an online FT breakfast organised by Bucks New Uni. He was sent lots of FT goodies by Jade Collis. There were 15 students and MK spoke for about 30 minutes to them about what we are doing and they asked lots of questions. After Easter the students are planning a FT coffee tasting and a FT wine and cheese event.

SK – Gained a lot of orders for FT Easter eggs from people at Christ the Servant King church and raised about £190 in orders for the Meaningful Chocolate company.

MK – re: churches mini-team. Angus is leading this. MK will check with the FT Foundation which churches they will be starting with.

Other matters

MK – MK/SK still hope to visit Costa Rica mid to end of September.

JM – the 200th anniversary is on 15th September

MK – there is also the anniversary of the formation of Coope Victoria in October. Maria Angela will arrange things accordingly once dates are known.

SK –has now signed up with Traidcraft to walk 100km to raise money.

JM – the head of FT International resigned last month.

TT – re: who our contact could be in Buckinghamshire Council – this week he came across a ‘Community Board’. There is a Community Board for High Wycombe (Lesley Clarke is deputy in this) – their work covers reducing our climate footprint etc.
Also there is a Facebook page pressure group for a Wycombe Town Council.

Next meeting

To be arranged

Minutes of Zoom Meeting of 16th February 2021

Those present

  • Mike King
  • Jhon Munoz
  • Sheena King
  • Ivan Cicin-Sain – Wycombe Friends of the Earth
  • Sarah Moroz


Tony Thornby


MK – The Environmental, Sustainability and Fairtrade committee meeting at Bucks New Uni did go ahead but due to technical issues. MK was unable to join. MK has the minutes though.

Wycombe FOE/Population Matters

I C-S – re: Population Matters – no updates to report at the moment.

Wycombe FOE has been fairly active – thinking of starting a food campaign (food waste angle). They are also active in the Bucks Climate Action alliance – an amalgam of about 10 local groups.

Wycombe FOE have been lobbying councillors

MK – has a list of all the current members of the Bucks Climate Action group. Sees no reason for us not to join.

SK – agrees – climate and FT are all linked. SM also agreed

MK – he will go ahead and join the alliance on-line.

I C-S – Mike Chadwick is the overall organiser of this

Website/Facebook updates

MK – on behalf of TT – TT has amended the Wycombe Environment Centre entry, removed the Wycombe Transition town entry and replaced it with Wycombe FOE details. TT has asked MK to check on details of the eco-artist listed on our site.

SK – TT has also put several recent posts on our Facebook site

Grecia/Coope Victoria link

MK – re: the banner – JM has been in contact with Maria in Grecia and they are working on the English text that we sent to them. They are also going to put a plaque up in Grecia stating that Wycombe is their sister town and want MK/SK to unveil it when they are finally able to visit. They also want us to be involved in a campaign (see later)

Journal of Fair Trade article

MK – Pauline Tiffen has got back to them to say that they are going to publish it. It is now going out to a second reviewer and they want the diagrams in a different format. TT may be able to do this. It will be in the issue after July.

Money matters

SK – our current balance is £251.75.

MK – has now printed off the public liability insurance document – it is valid up to the 31st November 2021. The FT Foundation hopes to be able to offer this again the following year.

Fairtrade Fortnight/other events

MK – 2 areas to develop for this: churches and Grecia

Churches – Angus is leading this – he has contacts with administrators in various churches. After FT Fornight, the FT Foundation is starting a campaign to see which churches are registered and still active. They are changing to an on-line database and are simplifying the procedure. We could follow this with an e-mail from Wycombe for Fairtrade. The FT Foundation is sending its e-mails out in order of the churches’ previous applications, not by area. However, MK has spoken to Chrysi Dimaki from FT Foundation and she will do a search on any particular churches we ask about. MK will be talking to Angus tomorrow.

JM – re: Coronavirus – Costa Rica is starting a vaccination plan. Maria is sending information about what Coope Victoria are planning for later in the year. JM will translate and we can put it up on our website etc. They also talked about exchange of letters between students in our 2 countries re: FT, economics etc. Suggested that we arrange a meeting between teachers of the 2 towns to discuss ideas and thus to start establishing connections

MK – has investigated the names of staff members at Wycombe High and John Hampden so far, in relevant subjects. We also need to contact the headteachers to discuss it. Environment and climate change could also be included.

JM – Maria has a school she is planning to make contact with first.

MK – Maria did say they would like to help students to improve their English. As soon as she has the contacts, she will let us know.

SM – Has received an e-mail from Mayor of Tunbridge Wells re: an event on 5th March – a webinar involving Adam Gardner from the FT Foundation, a Kenyan tea producer and a UK farmer. Will forward the e-mail on to rest of group

SK – Traidcraft Exchange are encouraging people to fundraise for them between 8th March and 7th June because any amount raised will be doubled by the government during this time. MK/SK have been sent a Big Brew guide. Also a 100km virtual walk to be completed during April to raise money – SK would like to do this. They are also hosting 3 quizzes.

Costa Rican anniversary coffee

MK – re: the potential 200th anniversary Costa Rican coffee – this may still be possible this year and our contact is hoping to progress it. It is hoped to produce a batch which mentions the Grecia/Wycombe link on its packaging.

Fairtrade Easter eggs

SK – was approached by a lady at church to ask if Christ the Servant King church were selling Real Easter eggs this year. SK has spoken to the church administrator at CSK and they are putting a notice about it in the church newsletter

Next meeting

16th March

Minutes of Zoom Meeting of 12th January 2021

Those present:

  • Mike King
  • Jhon Munoz
  • Sheena King
  • Tony Thornby
  • Sarah Moroz


Ivan Cicin-Sain


MK – Correction to minutes of 17/11/20 meeting – it should be Jade
Collis, not Jane.

Bucks New Uni may have an upcoming meeting in February of the Environmental, Sustainability and Fairtrade committee which MK will attend.

Draft document on trade justice and climate change

Re: draft document by I C-S

MK read out Ivan’s document

MK – The idea is to put the document onto our website in a prominent position. The importance of the trade justice/climate change link has also been discussed in a couple of recent webinars that MK/SK have joined.

No other updates to report from I C-S re: Population

Matters / Wycombe Friends of the Earth

SM – the final sentence is a source of hope that such a large
percentage of food producers in the developing world are small scale
and would be more concerned with looking after their environment

TT – we could list this as a related topic on the WFF website

Other website/media issues

MK – will check if the artisan listing on the ‘related topics’ section is still current or can be removed.

MK – has put quite a few documents onto our Gridhost site

TT – has also put quite a lot onto our Facebook page. We need to put effort into getting people to look at our content

MK – Ivan says that the Transition Town group in Wycombe has now finished so that could come off our website

TT – asked re: the Wycombe Environment Centre

SM – doesn’t think they have a building but they have a Facebook page called Ecobuzz

Grecia/High Wycombe link banner

MK – has made the suggested alterations to the banner

SM – raised the point re: use of Fair Trade as two separate words – is
this so that it makes the definition wider?

MK – yes, this is to include other groups/businesses who haven’t
certified with the FT Foundation Journal of Fair Trade article

MK – re: the article that he wrote together with Tony B plus input by Maria Angela. Have incorporated Pauline Tiffen’s suggestions and are hopeful that it will be published in an upcoming edition of the FT Journal. Would then hope to write a second article focussing on practical issues of supply chains, using material from Coope Victoria and other producer groups.

Treasurer’s report/funding

SK – re: membership fees as agreed previously – please could everyone send these in before end of Jan. The current balance is about £221

TT – looked at sources of funding with MK. Bucks Source didn’t seem possible for us. Just Giving seems to be just for registered charities but there is a site called ‘Golden Giving’ which covers non-registered charities as well. There is a charge for registering with them but it is quite reasonable and on a par with other crowd funding sites

MK – received e-mail from FT Foundation Head office to say they are offering free public liability insurance up to end of Nov 2021

There was a discussion on this and it was decided to take up on this offer

TT – the more groups who sign up for this, the more it will indicate to the FT Foundation how much need there is.

National aid budget

MK – the aid budget has been reduced from 0.7% to 0.5% GDP but
with the proviso that it will be changed back again to 0.7% after the
Covid crisis. Also the all-party parliamentary group will still have
teeth in these decisions.

Fairtrade Fortnight/churches

SK – re: FT Yorkshire are doing a community arts festival on-line with a different event each day. This would be worthwhile for us to follow. Have to register (free) via Eventbrite

MK – also would like to pursue the connections with churches for FT Fortnight. The FT Foundation (Chrysi Dimaki) has sent MK some info – a link for churches to click on to re-register their FT status. The Foundation will also be contacting all churches registered with them. We could also contact churches ourselves.

SK – Christ the Servant King church sent an e-mail before Christmas re: their links with other groups eg. Wycombe for Fairtrade, Traidcraft and asking for feedback. MK/SK wrote back and made some suggestions.

Costa Rican anniversary coffee

MK – got an e-mail from Darren of Kingdom coffee. He is still very keen on producing a coffee using Coope Victoria beans in support of the 200th anniversary. It is very difficult at the moment because cafes etc are not using so much coffee and they have to use up any coffee already in the pipeline before ordering more.

JM – most of the UK producers still have stock from last year so are not placing a lot of orders

MK – cannot really predict timings at the moment

SK – Darren was asking for suggestions for a name for the coffee.

MK – in addition to the main anniversary product, there will also be 100 bags or so with the High Wycombe/Grecia link printed on them.

Next meeting

16th February 2021 (date arranged after the meeting

Minutes of Zoom Meeting of 17th November 2020

Those Present

Mike King
Ivan Cicin-Sain – Wycombe Friends of the Earth
Sheena King
Sarah Moroz

I C-S (present for first 40mins session)




MK – re: correction to minutes of 13.10.20 – it was his compilation report of collaboration with Grecia/Coope Victoria since October 2019 that he sent out to the SE Regional Fairtrade rep and to FT Head Office, not the Chairman and Treasurers’ reports. He also sent it to Joanna Pollard who organised the FT Yorkshire forum on 19th October.

Setting up mini-teams & shadowing of roles

MK – main agenda item to be discussed is re: shadowing/mini-teams.
SM – would like to shadow on Wycombe Friends of the Earth matters
MK – would be willing to deputise for John
SK – interested in shadowing SM on secretarial and churches
SM – willing to shadow on Traidcraft links
MK – would like to shadow on website ie. TT
I C-S – willing to shadow on Facebook etc ie. JM
SM – wasn’t on rota sent out for monitoring e-mail
Mk – must have been an error – asked if SM would be willing to do rest of this month SM –ok with that
I C-S – knows a bit about funding, so willing to help on sourcing funding
MK – AM is keen on Wycombe churches and faith groups
SK/SM – also willing to help on this
MK – re: schools. He is interested in this. JM may be as well
I C-S – willing to help on international links and sustainability/climate change etc
MK – Costa Rica is very strong on environmental issues
I C-S – he may not be needed on shadowing on Facebook as TT/JM are both covering this.
SM –asked if we should write paragraph about our roles
MK – yes – if these are sent to him he will amalgamate them and put the document onto our Gridhost e-mail page

Update on Wycombe FOE/Population Matters

I C-S – nothing to report on this at the moment
SM – asked re: Ecobuzz
I C-S – it is the name of Wycombe Environment Centre’s Facebook page
Grecia/Coope Victoria Link
MK – Coope V have sent through the English version of banner

There was a discussion re: wording on banner

SK – liked the word ‘partnership’ instead of brotherhood
MK – TT has found a printer who will print it for about £36 (2m x 80cm).
I C-S – wondering if we are still Wycombe for Fairtrade or are we Wycombe Fairtrade
MK – the former

Other matters

I C-S – have WFF done any videos? They could be put onto You Tube.
MK – JM has some interviews and MK has some (one at Pann Mill)
MK – for rest of agenda, he has put info on Gridhost. On 9th Nov Bucks New Uni had an Environmental / Sustainability / Fairtrade committee meeting but he sent them the wrong details and couldn’t join the meeting. Students and staff are currently only going in 50% of the time. Jane Collis is still there (MK met her a few years ago) and he has now sent his correct details to her but they haven’t appointed a FT rep yet. They have sent minutes through to MK.
Re: the paper he wrote with Tony B and Maria Angela – this has now been sent off to the Journal for FT. Are awaiting their acknowledgement and to hear if it is going to be sent out for peer review. They also have ideas for follow up articles. Tony B put in a lot of work. He is a social justice campaigner and has a lot of knowledge in this area.
SK – nothing to report on finances
SK – will send out details of bank account so we can each pay our subscriptions starting in January.
MK – was going to try to get a Zoom meeting with Lesley Clarke, together with JM. JM is very busy at the moment so MK may do this on his own. MK wants to ask re: new council structure. The wards will be bigger as not so many councillors. Does this mean less representation for smaller parties? There will be a Town Council for Wycombe though.
MK – re: Yorkshire conference – importance of establishing producer/consumer links was talked about. We are already doing this. MK wants to establish links in other parts of the world as well – South America, Caribbean, South Africa etc.
There will be a Webinar on 25th Nov 6.30 – 8pm Traidcraft Exchange re: how producers can adapt in the current climate
MK – is drafting a letter to Steve Baker re: changes to the group which scrutinises how international aid is spent

Next meeting:


Minutes of Zoom Meeting of 13th October 2020

Those present

Mike King
Jhon Munoz
Sheena King
Tony Thornby
Sarah Moroz
Ivan Cicin-Sain – Wycombe Friends of the Earth


I C-S – re: discussion paper on group resilience etc – Wycombe FOE lost several committee members at the same time and saw the need to set up some sort of back-up arrangement
SK – concerned re: our low numbers. Not sure how it would work for us
TT – agree that we do need more members to enable this. During virus problems it would be good to have some specialised project to concentrate on
I C-S – perhaps each person could write a paragraph to describe their role.
JM – need to attempt to get more members
MK – would also be good to hold a fundraiser of some sort. Each person can apply to become someone else’s shadow.
SM – Lesley may be able to act as a consultant in education field
MK – there is also another lady at Christ the Servant King who has a background in education.
I C-S – would be willing to shadow JM re: Facebook/Twitter
MK – would like to learn more from TT and also willing to help with education
SK – would be willing to shadow SM and also interested in church links
I C-S – no updates on FOE/Population Matters at the moment. It is most important to get a shadower for the Chairman.
He is thinking of perhaps combining ‘Finding Greta’ with another project.
TT – would also like to act as a shadow on obtaining grants etc. He has experience with various charities.
MK – will get newsletters from Community Interest Bucks forwarded on to TT
MK – wants us to contribute ideas on what we are aiming to achieve particularly engaging with young people
TT – re: the new e-mail accounts. We have the 2 new e-mail addresses. Steve Guy helped set these up as he controls the access. Two passwords have been chosen, as previously given.
MK – need to set up a proper weekly rota
I C-S – a monthly rota may be better
MK – will do up to Nov 1st, then we will each do a month – he will send round a rota
JM – re: latest on Grecia/Coope Victoria – we have now received the design for the banner (MK showed this).
MK – the company we used for our other banner does not have a base in Wycombe any more. MK will compare prices from other companies. There will be a Spanish version – they will get their one
printed. We can send both versions to the Costa Rican ambassador and the English version to Matt and to Maz.
MK – together with his friend, Tony B, has been writing an article which was sent to Maria Angela – she sent some very useful suggestions – they are now going to submit it to the Journal of Fair Trade – the article argues that FT is more than just economics but includes cultural concerns etc as well.
I C-S – did a Masters in environmental systems theory and would like to take a look
MK – will send it to I C-S for comment
TT – has found a company in Kent which will do a roller banner for £36. Some local companies are more like £100. There is a big variation in prices.
MK – has been contacted by Janet Gladstone from Bucks New Uni re: the Environmental, Sustainability and FT committee – the next meeting is on 9th Nov which he will attend.
Re: MK’s compilation report of collaboration with Grecia/Coope Victoria since October 2019 – he will send it to the SE Regional FT rep, to FT head office and to Joanna Pollard who organised the Yorkshire FT forum on 19/10/20.
TT – see his article on Facebook re: Nestle being questioned by MPs.
MK – will send out the bank account details with the Nov agenda so that we can each pay our membership fees.
MK – has been working with JM to prepare a meeting with a councillor to update them on what we are doing and how we are trying to promote links with Grecia/Coope Victoria and promote
Wycombe businesses to Costa Rica as well. Will try to arrange meeting with our local MP as well
JM – with Maz and Matt finishing as Mayor/Deputy Mayor next year this would be good to arrange
MK – if local MP is not interested we need to contact the all-party group on South America.
TT – there is also an all-party group on FT. Holly Lynch and Jason McCartney are co-chairs of this and were at the meeting with Nestle.
JM – we should perhaps approach the councillor first.
MK – if we find supportive MPs in the all-party group on FT, that may be the better way ahead.
TT – we have more Twitter followers than the all-party group on FT. There are 10 MPs in the group and it was formed in late 2015. See website

Next meeting

To be arranged

AGM 2020 – Minutes of Zoom meeting: 15th September 2020

Those present

  • Mike King
  • Jhon Munoz
  • Sheena King
  • Ivan Cicin-Sain – Wycombe Friends of the Earth
  • Sarah Moroz


MK – (see Chairman’s report) – gave an account of the 2019 Cardiff conference and the establishment of the link with Grecia/Coope Victoria leading to the signing of a joint agreement. In Oct 2019 FT Town status was successfully renewed. JM/MK meeting with the Costa Rican ambassador at the embassy in London. The signed agreement is now displayed in the embassy. The Politicon event at John Hampden in Feb 2020 and contact made with a teacher there who mentioned that fellow teachers at Wycombe High may also be interested. Possible Spanish language/student links discussed with her. Wycombe Sound interview during FT Fortnight. Coffee Boffin quiz 2-day event at Christ the Servant King church and on 7th March the faith groups FT event. FT breakfast at Bucks New Uni at which our new A2 poster board was displayed. Most students were aware of FT. Another interview on Wycombe Sound on International FT Day. JM took part in a Spanish language teams/Skype discussion with Grecia/Coope Victoria and CLAC and was the only representative from the UK. Achievement of arrangements for a Costa Rican anniversary coffee. Business plan was developed by interested coffee company and discussions took place with their partner roastery. This led to the roastery deciding to swap to Coope Victoria coffee beans for 2021 to coincide with the Costa Rican anniversary of independence. This could potentially have a large economic benefit for Coope Victora/Grecia.

SM – vote of thanks for MK’s work

SK – (see Treasurers report) We have relied on goodwill funds for the first 8 years (since 2008). A bank account was formed in 2016. SK referred to spreadsheets sent out previously. We received 2 cheques of £250 from Christ the Servant King church. During FT Fortnight 2019 we had a ‘Big Brew event’ at CSK and a local cake-maker made some wonderful cakes. We gave her a donation. A major expense was paying for public liability insurance. Also the hire of Wright’s Meadow Community Centre. Food donations from Bewleys have been used at various events. We have applied to be included in the Waitrose green token scheme. It is hoped that there will be student exchanges etc in future and we need to explore every possible avenue for more funds.

Re-election of officers

AM has responded: SM proposed/ MK seconded
TT – MK proposed/SM seconded
JM – SK proposed/MK seconded
I C-S – JM proposed/ SK seconded
MK – JM proposed/SM seconded
SM – SK proposed/I C-S seconded
SK – JM proposed/MK seconded
Bucks New Uni rep – vacant position.

MK has heard that the committee is continuing and meeting in a couple of months (MK is on this committee)

Lesley is an associate member of Wycombe for Fairtrade

MK – due to coronavirus it is difficult to have stalls etc at the moment. We need to start thinking about other possible activities. We can discuss ideas at next meeting

MK – asked if anybody wanted to suggest any changes to our constitution.

Nobody wanted any changes made.

MK – took part in an on-line forum organised by Scottish Fairtrade. One of the speakers was from South Africa.

MK – Matt Knight is unable to be a member at the moment – he is very busy. He is an honorary member though. It may be good to get the support of another councillor. We could perhaps invite them to a Zoom meeting. We want to let them know about our link with Costa Rica and about our support for local businesses.

JM – Frances Alexander has passed away. Collective condolences were expressed – she was very helpful to us in the early years of Wycombe for Fairtrade.

Next meeting

October 13th TBC

AGM 2020 – Chairman’s Report September 2019 to September 2020


I would like to welcome both existing Wycombe For Fairtrade Steering Group personnel and all interested members of the public to our 15th September 2020 Annual General Meeting. This is the first AGM that we have held for a number of years and in so doing, the first one to take place online due to the COVID-19 measures, which have prevented physical gatherings in public venues.


Firstly, I would like to thank all existing members of the Wycombe For Fairtrade Steering Group for their collective time, hard work, dedication, and ideas over a number of years that have propelled Wycombe For Fairtrade to achieve things that a few years ago would have been impossible, not only that, but developed on a regional, national and global stage. I will allude to specific examples in the main section of the report with Fairtrade Town linking with Grecia in Costa Rica, delivering a joint workshop and lecture with Maria Angela from CoopeVictoria, signing a friendship & cooperation agreement, and getting support from the Ambassador of Costa Rica in the UK.

Secondly, I would like to thank the individuals personally:

  • To Sheena for her unwavering support, acting as a sounding board, and where necessary, pacifying my temper! Sarah has been a rock of support from the start of the Group in 2008 and has proved to be a diligent and excellent Secretary.
  • Jhon Munoz has provided energy and inspiration along with his Spanish language skills in our international liaison involvement, without which links with Grecia and CoopeVictoria would not have been possible or have progressed with such speed and depth.
  • Tony Thornby has brought his web marketing skills to the fore and has managed our new look website to reflect our interests, document our achievements, and promote our events along with other social media. He is currently progressing Group email accounts, one for the general public enquiries, and another for Steering Group and Fairtrade matters.
  • Bob Smith, (probably listening out of sight), regularly attended our Committee meetings and turned out to support all our events, even supplying a gazebo on one occasion on the Rye! A Fairtrade flowerbed in Wycombe for next summer would be a fitting tribute to Bob’s gardening skills. His wife Maggie, has also attended many events, getting signatures for petitions and engaging the public.
  • Ivan has kept the Group up-to-date with Wycombe Friends of the Earth and Population Matters events and issues. These very much parallel the Fairtrade Foundation’s recognition of the UN Sustainablility Goals. Sustainability; environment; and gender equality, are all essential goals for Fairtrade certified farmers and producers. Climate change is perhaps the biggest threat and it was good to support Ivan’s Climate Change Comedian evening last October. It was very witty as well as our stall made around £40.00!
  • Thanks to Angus for keeping us abreast of church and faith group Fairtrade events and issues over the year. The Coronavirus outbreak has obviously curtailed church services and events with a public presence. However, whenever COVID -19 abates, I wonder if we could work together to collate a united Wycombe Churches Fairtrade response to getting church leaders to have more Fairtrade themed services; events; liaison; engagement with young people; as well as encouraging them to apply for the new Fairtrade Church certification for 2021.

Wycombe for Fairtrade: Activities & Achievements

It has probably been the most successful and amazing year ever for the Wycombe For Fairtrade Steering Group, both internationally and locally. Jhon and I were busy in mid-2019 preparing the groundwork for a future Global Fairtrade North – South Town relationship between High Wycombe and Grecia in Central Costa Rica along with the neighbouring Fairtrade producer co-operative, CoopeVictoria. Talks, emails and phone calls resulted in Maria Angela, the Sustainability Manager from CoopeVictoria visiting High Wycombe at the invitation of the Mayor of High Wycombe and Wycombe Fairtrade. We showed her the range of Fairtrade products available in High Wycombe, she had a productive meeting with the Mayors, showing a recorded video of Mainor, the Mayor of Grecia, promoting the Wycombe Grecia link; as well as taking her to Matt’s Hills Cafe in Micklefield, a good example of a community network and business run for the benefit of the local residents and groups. Maria also found time to speak on a live Wycombe Sound on-air interview and had a meeting with Louise Whitaker, the Group Sustainability Manager at Bewley’s UK.

Jhon, Maria, Sheena, myself, and Matt Knight, the Deputy Mayor, attended the 2019 International Fairtrade Towns Conference in Cardiff in October. We jointly delivered a workshop and seminar supported by a powerpoint presentation of how to go about linking Fairtrade Towns in the Global North, e.g. High Wycombe, (consumers), by creating a relationship with a producer economy and business town in the Global South, Grecia and CoopeVictoria in Costa Rica, based on the research work by Marco Coscione of the WFTO. We had 15 people from the convention taking part and suggesting ideas and linking themes. This was the first time Wycombe For Fairtrade had delivered an address at the IFTTC and Matt Knight formally announced this Fairtrade relationship between Wycombe and Grecia at the close of Saturday’s business.

Further work progressed this relationship through early 2020 until Wycombe Fairtrade drafted a Fairtrade Town “Friendship and Cooperation Agreement” based on Fairtrade principles between High Wycombe, Grecia and CoopeVictoria. Frequent joint Teams and Skype meetings took place to work out the final wording until a final draft in English and Spanish was agreed and signed by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Wycombe; the Mayor of Grecia at the time (Mainor Molina); the Chairman of Wycombe For Fairtrade; and the new Director of CoopeVictoria in time for Mainor’s last day in office.

In October 2019, Wycombe For Fairtrade successfully renewed its Fairtrade Town status until November 2021. A speculative email to the Ambassador of Costa Rica to the UK resulted in an invitation to the Costa Rican Embassy in London. Jhon and I had a 3.5 hour meeting with Ambassador Ortiz who duly accepted our invitation to present the Fairtrade Foundation Town Renewal Certificate to Maz Hussain, the Mayor of Wycombe on 21st January 2020,. He also addressed the Charter Town Trustees, highlighting the importance of Fairtrade and the relationship of Wycombe with the town of Grecia. We had Fairtrade wine and snacks in the Mayor’s Parlour to celebrate the occasion and took many photographs. We have sent images of the signed document Agreement in Spanish and English to put into the Costa Rica Embassy reception at the request of the Ambassador.

Attending the POLITICON event in February 2020 at John Hampden Grammar School, Jhon, Sarah, and Mike helped set up our information table with the A2 poster taking centre stage of our display stand. Apart from general Fairtrade leaflets, we also had Grecia and CoopeVictoria booklets, information, and display packs of coffee beans in various stages of processing which attracted onlookers. The highlight of the evening was the approach by a JHGS teacher, Steffi Neal, who taught Business Studies and Economics, and was keen to develop a Fairtrade
element in the curriculum as an example of a solidarity economic model and give her pupils projects involving sustainability, environmentalism and “green issues”, no better displayed than in the country of Costa Rica. She also mentioned that her equivalent teachers at Wycombe High School may also be interested along with Spanish language teachers at these schools. Post-coronavirus, there seems to be a good opportunity to exploit these areas and work towards forging links between High Wycombe secondary schools and their counterparts in Grecia.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2020 Events and Activities

A 35-minute live on-air interview with Wycombe Sound radio started our events, which largely focused on our new relationship with Grecia and CoopeVictoria in Costa Rica. We also had a Zoom meeting to exchange ideas and promote each other’s activities. There was also a successful two-day Coffee Boffin Quiz at Christ The Servant King Church during Open Door cafe mornings and setting up a Traidcraft stall for the weekend. The highlight was liaising with CSK Church to jointly organize and host a “Fairtrade Churches and Faith Groups Think Tank” on Saturday 7th March 2020.There were a range of speakers including Heather Searle, who gave
a 15-minute sermon and service on Fairtrade principles in the Bible; Anghared from the Fairtrade Foundation; Maranda St.John Nicoll from Christian Concern for One World and Margaret Dykes from Traidcraft. Mike King delivered a powerpoint covering the “Impact of Climate Change on Fairtrade producers and communities”.

Only 20 people attended the seminars but they were thoroughly engaged. This occurred a few days prior to the Government’s introduction of COVID-19 lockdown measures.

It was also the first outing of Wycombe For Fairtrade’s newly produced Publisher A2 poster depicting development links and progress with Grecia and CoopeVictoria as well as our joint presence at the IFTTC in Cardiff. This was displayed at the BNU Volunteer Week Fairtrade Breakfast over two days at Wycombe Campus of Bucks New University. It received many favourable comments where it was displayed prominently on a counter in the Student’s Lounge. We talked to several groups of A level pupils both here and from Wycombe Abbey Girls School who seemed reasonably clued up on Fairtrade and its purpose. International World Fairtrade Weekend 2020 Events and Activities

On International Fair Trade Day, 9th May 2020 for the first time, I managed to book a live 25-minute on-air slot with Wycombe Sound at 11.30 in the morning, to outline the purpose of Fairtrade, to show that it is in fact part of free trade market forces but operates to give producers guaranteed prices and that the extra premium is invested in infrastructure and local businesses to the benefit of their communities. I also emphasised our International Fairtrade links with Grecia and CoopeVictoria in Costa Rica and that a signed “Fairtrade Cooperation and Friendship Agreement” had been signed in late April forging a link with High Wycombe in a post European Union world.

Jhon Munoz took part in a Spanish Language Teams/Skype online discussion with CLAC, CoopeVictoria and Grecia, and was the only representative from a UK (Global North Town). Wycombe again was at the forefront of the International Fairtrade debate.

Other Activities and Projects 2019 – 2020

Another primary project that Mike King has been working on since the Conference has been to promote CoopeVictoia Fairtrade arabica coffee by liaising with and emailing a number of UK roasters with a view to roasting a batch of CoopeVictoria green beans in the UK to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of Cost Rica Independence in 2021. The idea was to originally have 250 to 300 x 227kilogramme bags to sell and promote locally at trade stalls, events, and churches in High Wycombe. This would mirror what Haworth Village Fairtrade Group did with CafeDirect in marking their 10 year anniversary link with Machu Picchu in Peru. Despite sending over 10
speculative emails to various independent and large roasters, I only had three replies.

However, Darren and Jane Rayner, the Managing Directors of Kingdom Coffee Company based in Reading, replied immediately by email the same day and left a message to ring them which I duly did. Darren wanted to speak to me so we arranged a meeting for Friday 19th June where I had a 2 hour 15min discussion with him. Kingdom Coffee is a Christian, 100% Fairtrade coffee wholesale company with a partner roastery. He gave me a tour and liked my idea. He developed this idea into a business plan and put this to the board of Masteroast in Peterborough. The Corporate manager had worked in Costa Rica for 7 years, and knew the Board of CoopeVictoria, as well as the reputation and qualities of their coffee. On Monday 22nd June, Darren rang me with the incredible news that Derek, the owner of Masteroast was cancelling his original contracts with Costa Rican producers at the end of 2020, and would roast CoopeVictoria Fair Trade green been coffee exclusively for 2021, so providing CoopeVictoria with its first UK roaster and its first direct market. Additionally, the Green Bean Quality Manager has been instructed to work out the quantities and types of beans required.

Through Kingdom Coffee alone, Darren would market this coffee to his existing 7000 customers which includes, churches, local and county councils, tourist venues, company headquarters like Google and Amazon, shipping and transport hubs, and village cake shops and cafes. There would be the possibility of CoopeVictoria Fairtrade coffee being part of a commercial venture with Masteroasts’ contracts with in-house coffee for major supermarket chains like Waitrose, Morrison’s and the Coop. This could potentially have an enormous economic impact on CoopeVictoria and its community as well as on Wycombe For Fairtrade in terms of marketing and promotion events with Kingdom Coffee and the Embassy of Costa Rica.

If I have omitted anything else then it is down to my memory and because I have had to condense a very large amount of work that has reflected a very active; proactive, successful and positive year!

Future Plans for 2020 – 2021.

Despite the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic, Wycombe For Fairtrade is pursuing a number of new and ongoing events and activities:

  • Education awareness and potentially linking secondary schools in Wycombe with counterparts in Grecia in terms of language links, field trips, and pupil teacher exchanges
  • Progress increased Fairtrade presence with Churches Faith Groups including, products, speakers, enhancing Fairtrade projects in young people groups, and working with churches towards Fairtrade Church certification.
  • Produce a new 2020 -2021 Wycombe Fairtrade outlets Directory will new Kingdom Coffee logo and “High Wycombe” inserted on “We are a Fairtrade Town” logo
  • Promoting CoopeVictoria and Grecia with leaflets, brochures and a new roller banner printed in English to increase awareness and advocate their products at local and regional events. Especially narratives about their producers and families – How they allocate and spend their Fairtrade Premium investment on social projects.
  • With the invitation of the Ambassador of Costa Rica and the Director of Kingdom Coffee, attend promotional events on 2021 in London and the UK marketing new CoopeVictoria Fairtrade coffee range. E.g. Costa Rican Parade in London on New Years Day as well as Promoting our group and links with Grecia at the orchid festival at Kew Gardens in February 2021.
  • Maybe attend new Anniversary coffee launch at Fairtrade Foundation HQ.

Wycombe For Fairtrade Treasurer – Mike King. 15th September 2020