Monthly Archives: August 2020

Minutes of Zoom Meeting on 28th July 2020

Those present

  • Mike King
  • Jhon Munoz
  • Sheena King
  • Ivan Cicin-Sain – Wycombe Friends of the Earth
  • Sarah Moroz

Corrections to minutes for 23/06/20 meeting

  1. Waitrose Community matters scheme (Green token scheme) – I C-S picked up the form, not Matt
  2. Correction to surname of Tony B


MK – has finished the application for the Community Grant from Waitrose. MK made 3 points: our other previous funder, Christ the Servant King church, has other missionary priorities to fund; that Waitrose has a strong FT commitment and that we require a fund, particularly for insurance. If we develop work with schools we would need money for posters etc. MK made the case for what we would like to achieve in High Wycombe.

I C-S – we can keep the info we put on the form and tweek it for other applications

MK – needs to have comments back re: proposed constitution by a week’s time. We haven’t voted on officers for a long time.

MK – currently have about £160 in our current account. We should also have an AGM and put notices in local public places to advertise it.

JM – we could see if Claudia and her husband Daniel would like to join us.

MK – he will ask them and will also ask his friend Tony B

SK – re: the constitution – it says membership is open to those in High Wycombe – could we add ‘and the surrounding area’.

MK – we want to ratify the constitution by next week and advertise our AGM – on our website, Facebook, public libraries etc

SM – asked if the AGM would be possible via Zoom?

JM – suggested also inviting Matt and Maz and any other interested councillors.

JM – thinks Sept may be better – gives more time to advertise

MK – it won’t affect our grant applications – we can put the date for the AGM – it doesn’t have to have happened by then

I C-S – we can have up to 100 people on Zoom before having to pay for it.

Mike suggested Tues 15th Sept for the AGM at 8pm

I C-S – Wycombe FOE are going ahead with the ‘Finding Greta’ competition. Entrants asked to prepare a 2 minute video on climate change – could we put it on WFF website?

Re: Population Matters – the group is dormant at the moment

MK – will be speaking to the vicar of CSK to see if they can submit one of the new applications to be a Fairtrade church. At the moment no other churches in High Wycombe have applied on the new form.

MK – has sent an e-mail to Bucks New Uni to ask about FT there.

JM – 2 current activities – Coope Victoria will be sending some coffee bags to the Mayor of High Wycombe, the Costa Rican ambassador and to Matt’s cafe. Also Coope Victoria are working on the design of a banner showing the link between High Wycombe and Grecia. They sent us the software of the design and we can produce a similar one in English and put particular High Wycombe landmarks on it eg. Guild Hall, Pepperpot building, Hughenden Manor

MK – will send the signed copies of the English and Spanish friendship agreement to the Costa Rican ambassador. He will display them at the embassy.

MK – re: Costa Rica anniversary coffee. This is going ahead. The Costa Rican ambassador is willing to come to any meetings about this. WFF has been asked to attend any the associated functions etc as well.

MK – in combination with Tony B – has written an article called ‘Systems, Solidarity and Fairtrade’. They have angled it as FT being the human face of Free Trade. They will send a Spanish translation of it to Coope Victoria to get their input and comments and to a producer group in SE Asia to get their comments – they will submit it for publication in the Journal of Fair Trade.

MK – re: grant applications – we could also send to Morrisons and Tescos. There may also be funding available at the county and district levels.

Next meeting

Tues 25th August (to discuss agenda for AGM) at 8pm then AGM on 15th Sept at 8pm