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Meeting of 11th October 2016


Minutes of meeting:  11th October 2016

Micklefield Library, Micklefield Road

Those present:

Mike King                          Jhon Munoz

Sheena King                      Bob Smith

Sarah Moroz                     Tony Thornby

MK – he invited Amy Howe, the new Bucks New Uni representative who has taken over from Lauren Troiano. She could not make this evening’s meeting but would like to be included on e-mails.

MK – has now banked the £250 cheque from SK’s church

SK – feedback from the regional FT Foundation meeting in London on 25th September: 2 people from Chesham were there who gave us some contacts re: public liability insurance

MK – some of the others at the meeting had had similar problems.

SK – the Chesham group recommended an organisation called ‘Community Impact Bucks’ who may be able to give advice on the insurance and may also be able to help with job adverts for volunteers

MK – during one of the sessions he went to, people said they have tried asking various organisations for funds to pay for the insurance, including: the local Chamber of Commerce, the Community Voluntary Service, the local Co-op, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Waitrose Foundation.

TT – suggests having a sponsor section on our website – this may be a way to gain funds. He also networks with Paul Finch of the MRIB and they may be willing to sponsor us. They are insurance brokers.

MK – some other groups suggested asking our flagship employer.

MK – the funding that the Fairtrade Foundation receive from the DFID is finishing at the end of this year. They are moving away from the certification process and concentrating more on individual projects. They said that they want to get more FT cotton sold. Someone at the regional meeting suggested that bamboo may be a better product as it doesn’t need so much water to grow.

2 other sessions that MK went to:

  • Gold production
  • Impact of Brexit

The CEO was impressive as well. He was talking about FT coffee farmers.

SK – there was a talk from someone who had been a gold-miner in Kenya for 28 years from an organisation called Micro Depro. This was set up to support the formalisation and legalisation of artisanal and small-scale mining, improving the health + safety etc.

MK – Argos in High Wycombe offer FT gold and Beaverbrooks have some on-line

MK – re: the Impact of Brexit session given by Tim Andrews. The FT Foundation has to be neutral. Trade policy has not been decided yet – a lot of unknowns. FT cocoa, for instance, may be made into chocolate in Germany and we buy it from there. The risks for FT are high but so are the opportunities.

JM – companies which use the FT logo have to pay a percentage (licence fee)

SK – this constitutes over 85% of FT Foundation income. They also get 13% from grants and donations.

SK – went to another session on coffee. It is a very competitive market now. As a nation, our consumption has increased. The FT Foundation is focusing on quality, the direct relationship with the growers and the consumer.

MK – it was worth going to the meeting overall

SK – there was an event outside Liston Hall which had stalls etc and they had an umbrella insurance policy to cover them.

TT – so far, we have not usually been asked to have public liability insurance for any event.

TT – has put as many minutes as he has on our website. SM to provide TT with any missing minutes.

BS – has heard back re: flower bed and it has already been allocated  (to the Night Shelter).

SK – re: t-shirt competition for schools. Has looked on the FT Foundation website and they offer to print FT cotton t-shirts – a company called ‘Cotton Roots’ at £3.40 for a child’s one.

MK – hopefully Amy Howe will join us at our next meeting.

SK – there is a new manager at the Oxfam shop – Jerry.

Meeting of 6th September 2016


Minutes of meeting: 6th September 2016

Micklefield Library, Micklefield Road

Those present:

Mike King                          Sarah Moroz

Sheena King                      Tony Thornby

Jhon Munoz

SM – Matt Knight has e-mailed to say he is not sure if the mayor’s carol concert is going ahead this year re: us doing the catering – he will let us know. He will also arrange for us to have a market stall, if we give him some potential dates.

MK – we (MK + SM) have now had a meeting with Barclays and arranged to set up a bank account. SK has spoken to the treasurer at her church, as the cheque they had donated needed to be rewritten.

JM – Nic is leaving Oxfam High Wycombe

SK – they are recruiting at the moment

MK – will be attending the Fairtrade Foundation regional supporters’ meeting, together with SK

JM – went last year – it was a good meeting

TT – we always seem to get lumped in with London – it would be easier to go in the opposite direction

JM – Nicola Bunting has now taken over the role of Becca Rowland on the executive committee

JM – showed a document on public procurement for FT Towns + a leaflet entitled ‘Fairtrade Matters’

SK – re: Pann Mill open day – looking at the forecast, there is little chance of rain.

The organisers are asking for us to have public liability insurance.

TT – has a contact and will ask him + get a quick response

SK – has also e-mailed the lady at Pann Mill re: insurance. If the FT Foundation doesn’t have an umbrella insurance policy, this is something that could be brought up at the London meeting. SK has info re: a Traidcraft campaign which we could promote on the stall and has a petition re: UK companies causing harm abroad.

TT – will bring a camera

SM – will try to create a flyer to advertise our group

JM – offered to put articles on our Facebook page

TT – after he has finished his chairmanship of the Marlow Chamber of Commerce, he will work on our website. He may be limited by its original set-up via the Lib Dems

MK – it may be possible to set up a free website of our own

TT – there may be better ones at only a small charge.

SM – has been trying to work out a plan for a schools competition – maybe re: a T-shirt design

SK – Bob has e-mailed the man from the council re: a flowerbed design outside the old library

MK – the students are back soon at the Bucks New Uni and he will follow up re: painting of underpass – it was mentioned previously that it would be possible to include ‘Wycombe is a Fairtrade Town’

Next meeting:  Tuesday 11th October

Meeting of 10th August 2016

Held at: Micklefield Library, Micklefield Road

Those present:
Mike King Bob Smith
Sheena King Maggie Smith
Sarah Moroz Tony Thornby

Apologies: Jhon Munoz + Nic Carrouaille

TT – hasn’t heard anything re: Fairtrade whilst being at Marlow Chamber of Commerce.

MK – showed banner which has now been obtained (cost about £70)
Need to set up bank account soon + bank cheque obtained from SK’s church (Christ the Servant King)

MK – just after our last meeting, he had a meeting with Louise (marketing manager) from Peros. She said they are still totally committed to FT – 55% of the coffee roasted by Bewleys is FT. She asked to be put on our e-mail list re: meetings. She lives in this area 3 days a week. The Peros name will disappear at the end of this year and be replaced by Bewleys UK. MK presented them with the FT employer’s award and they still want to be involved.

SM – showed a FT sugar sachet which was from the garden centre cafe at Booker. The company who produced it is called Greencup (

MK – went to a meeting of Bucks New Uni FT group about 1 ½ weeks ago but no-one was there! Need to open up dialogue again here. The multi-faith chaplaincy person still takes FT drinks & snacks around both campuses.

SK – Argos are now selling Fairtrade gold.

SK – Nic said that High Wycombe Oxfam shop sells as much, or if not more, FT goods compared with the Chesham shop.

MS – at the end of May, Pam Thompson, wife of the Methodist minister in Marlow, had an open day selling Traidcraft goods and made over £100.

SM – re: FT art competition – disappointment about not getting an article in the Bucks Free but good links set up with schools and children seemed to benefit from it.

TT – will be less busy soon with the Marlow Chamber of Commerce as his chairmanship finishes mid-October.
MK – would be good to have a get-together with TT after this to update our website.

MK – there are 2 FT events coming up:
1. London (regional Fairtrade Foundation meeting) on Thursday 15th September. SK is hoping to go – anyone else is welcome to join her.
2. Pann Mill open day on Sunday 11th September 11am – 5pm. Stalls etc – Wycombe F of E will be there.

MK – need to increase membership.
TT – it helps just to meet people by doing events, rather than just advertising.
TT – an idea for a schools’ competition could be to design a T-shirt and the prize could be to have the T-shirts printed. Vistaprint is good for this – quick turn-around and quite cheap.
SK – would be good if FT cotton could be used. A lady in the Chesham FT group may have info/contacts for this.

MK – it would be good to do FT catering for the Mayor’s carol concert, as suggested by MKn at the last meeting – need to follow this up with MKn
TT – also has a contact at Wycombe District Council with the assistant to the chairman. This person organises events for the chairman eg. the civic ceremony.

BS – he can advertise the existence of FT gold being available at Argos to his church (Avenue Methodist church). He is also going to e-mail the man from the council re: a flowerbed display in the town, outside the old library.

SM – will e-mail MKn once he is back from holiday re: the carol concert catering and the possibility of holding a market stall.

Next meeting: Tuesday 6th September

Meeting of 12th April 2016

Micklefield Library, Micklefield Road

Those present:
Mike King Jhon Munoz
Sheena King Bob Smith
Sarah Moroz Tony Thornby

Apologies: Lauren Troiano, Matt Knight

JM – Liberation sell two of their products to Waitrose (some stores) and will be contacting the new Waitrose at Handy Cross
SK – the cafe in the new sports centre sells Fairtrade drinks
TT – the Booker cash & carry own brand is FT. A new Costco will be opening up near the new Next at Handy Cross
MK joined the meeting
MK – has been speaking to a meeting of the Wycombe Labour Group in next room. There was a Bucks County councillor there and he said he will take up the issue of signage for us. MK told him that Chesham FT group are also asking for this.

Discussion re: Fairtrade art competition and arranging day for judging. Potentially Thursday of this week – SM will liaise with TT.
Also discussion re: whether we could have a presentation of prizes at the Wycombe Environment Centre on or around World Fairtrade Day, May 14th. Also perhaps ask if we could display the winning entries at the WEC.
TT – another possible venue is above the shops near the Metro Bank – a large gallery area belonging to Amersham & Wycombe College.
BS – another place could be in the upstairs Guild Hall rooms at the end of the High Street
SM – prizes for art competition: have obtained some FT Easter eggs and Divine chocolate bars from Traidcraft. Could also include FT leaflets/stickers + book by Robert, friend of Tony’s who is doing the judging.

MK – re: FT status renewal certificate presentation on Feb 29th – felt it was a good success. Lesley Clarke sent an apology following it and she is still supportive. There was also an apology from Raj at Peros – he had an operation and someone was supposed to come in his place but there was a breakdown in communications
SM – sent press release to the Bucks Free but it wasn’t published.

SK – Nic, the manager of the Wycombe Oxfam shop is moving to live in Wycombe and may want to get involved in our steering group

MK – the new Waitrose at Handy Cross has a cafe in it with FT drinks.

MK – re: Chesham group’s coffee-tasting evening during FT fortnight. It was a very good event and speaker (we could invite to one of our events?) – he has his own coffee-growing company.

SK – re: £250 cheque from Christ the Servant King. We could use it to obtain a banner
TT/SK – both have contacts who could help with this – both will follow this up.
MK – will try to get an appointment to set up our bank account. Non-profit making groups now come under the Business Managers.
SM – will organise a cash-book/kitty arrangement once the bank account is in place, to show transparency in our use of the money.
MK/SK – went to a Wycombe Friends of the Earth film event. The film was called ‘This Changes Everything’ re: climate change. A very interesting and thought-provoking film. It took place at the Friends Meeting House.

SM – will check with Matt Knight re: meeting date at Hills cafe for our next meeting

JM – spoke about his trip to meet the growers for Liberation nuts in Bolivia. The FT premium in Bolivia has been invested in houses for the workers in the jungle where they gather the nuts. Also in irrigation and health and education materials for the children.
MK – could we have a link with a community there?
JM – e-mail contact is possible

Next meeting: to be advised

Meeting of 12th January 2016

WMicklefield Library, Micklefield Road

Those present:
Mike King Bob Smith
Sheena King Lauren Troiano
Sarah Moroz Colin Cartwright
Gill Walker

MK – discussion re: obtaining a banner like the Chesham group’s one.
CC – there is a template on the FT Foundation website. They then had it produced by a local printer.

Discussion re: FT Town signs on roads leading into Wycombe. LT and MK both sent e-mails to Gemma at BidsCo (no response yet)
LT – will speak to Ruth Gunstone to see if she can ask about it.

BS – re: raised flower bed near old library. He has written to the council to ask if we can have a FT design.
CC – based their design last year on the Edinburgh city one but it was expensive – over £1,000

MK – has a meeting coming up with Peros’s sales manager.

MK – mentioned the FT jewellery workshop that is being organised by BNU
GW – her daughter is a silversmith who did a course at BNU and may be willing to help. LT will contact her via GW.

SM – re: FT Art Competition. Oakridge school has responded and would like to take part. They are also interested in someone coming to the school during FT Fortnight to promote FT and SM is trying to arrange this with Margaret Dykes. The school is also planning to hold a FT Big Breakfast.
LT – has contacts at schools in Hazlemere and Chiltern Gate school.
SM – will send schools letter and flyer to LT.

MK – went to a meeting of Wycombe Friends of the Earth.
SK – Wycombe F of E have been invited to the John Hampden ‘Politicon’ event on Wednesday 24th February (6pm – 9pm), which will involve stalls of various local campaign groups. SK has arranged for our group to have a stall as well.
SM – will e-mail TT to see if he can make it as well.
LT – will also be able to come and will put together 2 role descriptions for volunteers that we could give to students (eg. helping with website etc and helping with campaigning)

BS – Morrisons no longer stock FT satsumas

CC – described the ‘Christmas in Chesham’ event at which they used their large FT advent calendar. They were also asked to do the catering at a Carol Service when the catering company dropped out. They made mince pies etc and hope to do it again next year.

LT – BNU are currently renewing their FT status. LT is writing the report and there should be no problems. They have plans for FT Fortnight. LT showed their 2-week schedule of events. This is the 3rd year of their ‘Smile’ event (on Monday 22nd February).
GW – offered to lend their banana costumes for this.
LT – the 1st week of the Fortnight coincides with student volunteer week. They are also having some stickers made. BNU have approached the council and BidCo re: sprucing up the underpass. A mural is being designed by students and it will incorporate the FT logo etc, showing that BNU is a FT uni and that Wycombe is a FT town.

GW – Bucks CC have come back to them, saying that they do not have advertising on signs.

Discussion re: the presentation evening on Monday 29th February. The Multifaith Chaplaincy will be providing the refreshments. Ruth Gunstone is definitely speaking. We are also hoping to get a speaker from the FT Foundation and MK will try to get in touch with Greg Valerio (FT gold speaker at the Bristol conference). SM asked if we could also have some local refreshments.
GW – they have a local produce stall in Chesham once a month. SM will e-mail GW for the date of the next one.

SK – had an e-mail from Ivan (F of E) re World FT Day – offering for us to have a stall at the Environment Centre and Ivan could show the FT film.

SK – showed a leaflet re: the ‘real Easter egg’ from Traidcraft and she will be advertising it at her church.
BS – may be able to sell these at their church too. He has stopped doing the FT stalls now.

LT – they are also doing ‘banana pledge cards’ for students to sign and they will then make bunting out of them.

CC – the Chesham group will feature in an article in the next edition of the FT Towns newsletter.
They have produced a leaflet in the past, giving details of FT stockists etc in Chesham. It was A5 and they produced it in-house.

Next meeting: Tuesday 9th February 2016

Chesham group next meeting: Tuesday 16th February (Jean Pritchard’s house)

Meeting with PEROS Accounts Manager – Raj Junea on Weds 20th January 2016

3 Harman Terrace, Copyground Lane, High Wycombe, Bucks. 10.30 am to 11.30am.

This meeting was arranged to update respective parties with regard to developments over the last year. PEROS are the Flagship Employer for High Wycombe and a wholesale distributor of Fairtrade food, snacks and drinks, especially tea and coffee under the EROS brand.

  1. Are PEROS preferred to continue in their role as the W4FT Town’s Flagship Employer?
  2. Would Peros send a representative to the W4FT Steering Group Fairtrade Foundation Town Renewal Certificate presentation to the Chairman of WDC on Monday 29th February 2016 at BNU?
  3. Would Peros be prepared to donate boxes of Fairtrade Double Chocolate Muffins for the Foundation Town Renewal Certificate presentation, the Farrtrade Swap Shop prior to Fairtrade Fortnight, and for charitable events like the Fairtrade volleyball competition at BNU?
  4. Would PEROS assist with the W4FT and BNU SU campaign to improve the signage that Wycombe is a Fairtrade Town to increase public footfall and awareness?
    NO – Being a wholesale delivering to organisations like education establishments, councils, and companies, there is little direct public contact and thus no real advantage to this regional and national company.
  5. Would PEROS assist with a future W4FT brochure/flyer of Fairtrade retailers, caterers, and other outlets in High Wycombe.
    YES. Peros would assist with the layout and format of the final document pre-publishing.
  6. I informed Raj of the work the W4FT had done over 2015 including closer ties and liaison with the Bucks New University and Chesham Fairtrade Committees as well as expanding the sustainable and environmental links with Friends of the Earth group and attending the International Fairtrade Towns Conference held in Bristol where the theme was sustainability.

PEROS Developments over 2015 to 2016

Raj reported on the changes Peros had and were undergoing, but their commitment to Fairtrade products was a strong as ever and is a core model for their business:

  • Peros is now owned by Bewley’s, and Irish coffee roasting company based in Dublin and Yorkshire. Bewleys is the leading coffee roater in Ireland with 60% of the volume. It owns the biggest coffee shop in Europe seating over 500 people. Peros will still market its Eros brand under its own label. The name Peros, which people identify with will stay, but with the suffix – a Bewley’s company. Both are committed to Fairtrade.
  • In the US where Bewley’s operates Rebecca’s Cafés in Boston, and Java City, a coffee roasting, wholesale and cafe operation based in Sacramento, California.
  • Bewley’s have expanded their Irish foodservice operation in the UK, acquiring Darlington’s Coffee based in London and Yorkshire based Bolling Coffee, home of the Grumpy Mule brand of sustainable coffees.
  • Peros will act as the UK distributor and have their own selected beans from all over the world blended and roasted in Bewley’s roasting facility in Meltham NorthYorkshire. Bewleys have 9 Fairtrade brands, most being organic.
  • Bewley’s have over 4000 outlets in Ireland with over 50% of their coffee sustainably sourced and Fairtrade certified.
  • Peros still continue to develop direct personal contact with their growers and cooperatives.
  • Grumpy Mule brand advertising slogan – “Morals maketh the Mule”.

Among new accounts in or near Wycombe Peros have manged to capture are:
1. Patisserie Valeria – all 100 cafes in the UK will have EROS Fairtrade filter coffees, including High Wycombe during 2016.
2. Peros have a new account with the manager of the Progress Bakery, on the A404 between Terriers and Hazlemere. The company haveinstalled a coffee machine in the bakery serving the public and provide the Fairtrade tea, hotchocolate and coffee.

Bewley’s Details and Background

Bewley’s Today

From our adventurous beginnings in the nineteenth century, Bewley’s has grown to become the largest and most recognised tea and fresh coffee brand in Ireland. Over 4,000 hotels, restaurants and cafes in Ireland proudly serve Bewley’s tea and coffee and you’ll find Bewley’s teas and coffees in supermarkets and convenience stores around the country, with the result that about one out of every two fresh coffees served in Ireland is a Bewley’s coffee.

Bewley’s is at the forefront of Irish coffee culture and was the first to import Fairtrade coffee into Ireland, the first to import Cup of Excellence coffees into Ireland, the first to introduce latte art, the first to roast coffee in-store and the first Carbon Neutral coffee roastery in Ireland – no wonder we’re Ireland’s favourite coffee.

A Global Hit

But we’re not just thriving in Ireland. Bewley’s is also a global phenomenon, expanding not only in the UK and Continental Europe but also in the US where Bewley’s operates Rebecca’s Cafés in Boston, and Java City, a coffee roasting, wholesale and cafe operation based in Sacramento, California. More recently, Bewley’s have expanded their Irish foodservice operation in the UK, acquiring Darlington’s Coffee based in London and Yorkshire based Bolling Coffee, home of the Grumpy Mule brand of sustainable coffees.

Our Ethical Commitment

‘Good’ Business is Good Business

From our origins as a Quaker-owned company, we have always endeavoured to do business fairly at Bewley’s. We pioneered the introduction of Fairtrade certified coffee to Ireland in 1996 and today we are by far the largest supplier of Fairtrade coffees in Ireland. Fairtrade is the only certification that guarantees a minimum price to farmers as well as an additional premium for social development projects in their locality. Over 50% of our coffee roasted in our Northern Cross facility in Dublin is Fairtrade Certified. We source all our produce ethically and have direct partnerships with coffee growers in Nicaragua, Honduras, Brazil and Colombia.

One such direct partnership is with the Soppexcca Co-operative Farming Alliance in Nicaragua. For the past 6 years, we have been working with this progressive community of 650 coffee growers that populate the northern highlands region of Jinotega. 40% of our coffee is produced there and just last year, we signed a new $2.1 million three year Fairtrade coffee supply contract with the Co-operative. Soppexcca particularly supports the involvement of women in society and the economy so this contract will ensure that the women working at the milling plant in Jinotega can enjoy better working conditions and a brighter future for themselves and their families.

At Bewley’s we believe that all companies have a duty to act fairly in business – in a way that does not disadvantage producers, farmers and growers. The benefits are obvious – we achieve high quality for our customers, but at a fair price.

Mike King
Chairman of the Steering Committee