Monthly Archives: December 2015

Meeting of 17th November 2015

Micklefield Library, Micklefield Road

Those present:
Mike King Bob Smith
Sheena King Tony Thornby
Sarah Moroz

MK – Lauren (Volunteering & Societies Co-ordinator, Bucks New Uni) would like to join our steering group.

MK/SM went to Chesham4Fairtrade meeting last Tuesday. They are thinking of getting a Fairtrade Chiltern Zone together. They also have links with their Churches Together group in Chesham who give them some funds. It was very useful to listen to their ideas.

TT – the price of a banner may vary depending on whether we want it to be for inside or outside

MK – Lauren has sent an e-mail to BidCo re: road signs to ask for their backing.
SM – we may be able to get the support of Wycombe Council Town Committee and then take it to Bucks CC (as they decide on road signs).

MK – when he went to the BNU meeting, there was a lecturer (Art & Design) who is going to run a FT workshop for jewellery during FT Fortnight using recycled glass beads from Africa. She said that Moth’s jewellers in Wycombe are the only independent ones in the town. Perhaps they may be interested in stocking FT gold.

Comments on proposed letter to schools re: FT Art Competition
– We could mention the renewal of our FT Town status
– Peros could perhaps provide a FT hamper for a 1st prize and the FT Easter eggs could be runner-up prizes.

MK – re: our action plan – we have already started or fulfilled some tasks for our first year eg. going to meetings of other steering groups

SM – for the certificate presentation event on Feb 29th, we could do the FT Breakfast idea
MK – it would be good to have a speaker re: Wycombe Environment Centre. One of the BNU students has been volunteering there and could report back?

Discussion re: FT milk
We could do the ‘Fairtrade and Local’ theme for our presentation event
MK – there will be another BNU meeting on 6th January and these ideas could be discussed.

MK – Mike Chadwick from local Friends of the Earth group has suggested we exchange minutes of meetings.

SM – showed materials in a recent mailing from the FT Foundation. SK will get some more of the ‘Sustainable Choice’ leaflets to take to the Wycombe Environment Centre.

MK – need to invite the Chairman of the Council and the High Commissioner to the Presentation Event.
SM – will e-mail Amy to ask her advice on contacting the High Commissioner.
SK – we could invite the Oxfam Shop manager, Nic, to the event.

BS – has seen some FT satsumas in Morrisons

TT – has been trying to gain access to our website.
TT – will pursue his contacts in the business world to try to get someone on the steering group.

SM – will e-mail Melanie Morgan (secretary to Chair of Council) to see if the Chairman can make either Mon 29th Feb or Mon 7th March

Next meeting: Tuesday 12th January