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Meeting of 13th January 2015

Micklefield Library, Micklefield Road


Those present:

Mike King                  Becca Rowland (Regional Rep for the

Sheena King                       National Campaigner Committee

Sarah Moroz                      for the Fairtrade Foundation)

Bob Smith


MK – we need to have a meeting with a Business Manager at Barclays re: setting up an account.

SM – left a message for Gemma at BidCo today to ask about getting an article in BidCo magazine.

BR – talked about the trust that people have in the Fairtrade Mark and thinks a lot of it is due to local activism.

MK – has contacted Karen Johnstone and she gave the contact details for Jack Badu’s successor. MK has a meeting with her tomorrow. One suggestion is a tea-tasting extravaganza. Another is a ‘Bring & Buy’ type event where people bring a non-Fairtrade product and exchange it for a Fairtrade one.

MK – gave out print-outs of ideas for Fairtrade events from People and Planet and some that Exeter City Council/Exeter Uni have suggested. We could run the 15min film from the FT Foundation continuously in the Beats Refectory at Bucks New Uni (flat screen or onto a wall).

BR – part of the focus of the film is the impact of Fairtrade. Last year’s FT Fortnight materials were more campaign-based but the need for more info on impact has been put forward – there’s a need to provide evidence to the FT backers.

There was a discussion re: the relevance of the FT model in the UK. MK and SK went to a FT conference a few years ago where this was discussed.

BR – will try to get us some info on sustainability. She knows of a local organic veg box system called Riverford which is based on the co-op system. They may come out and do a presentation – there is a Fairtrade section on their website.

SM – talked about the possibility of doing a formal presentation of our FT Town certificate to Lesley Clarke, either at her offices at council or at a Bucks New Uni event in FT Fortnight.

BR – thinks it might work better at the Bucks New Uni event and we could give her a FT ‘goody’ bag.

MK – will try to fix a date at his meeting with the Uni tomorrow. They don’t have any definite FT Fortnight events in the diary yet. We should also get the Bucks Free Press along.

MK – since our application, two new Tescos have opened, one in Sands and one in Booker.

BR – Tom Palmer, a writer and supporter of FT, has written a book for children, which has a storyline involving FT.

SK – thinking of doing a Big Brew event at Christ the Servant King, perhaps on Thursday 5th March and a Traidcraft stall.

BS – will also run a stall at the Avenue during FT Fortnight.

BR – will send us a list of FT schools. She has been involved with organising some competitions for schools eg. a colouring competition and a picture competition, with the winning design being put onto mugs. Also getting schools to decorate different letters each and then getting them made into bunting and hung in their council offices.

Next meeting:   To be arranged