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Meeting of 17th November 2015

Micklefield Library, Micklefield Road

Those present:
Mike King Bob Smith
Sheena King Tony Thornby
Sarah Moroz

MK – Lauren (Volunteering & Societies Co-ordinator, Bucks New Uni) would like to join our steering group.

MK/SM went to Chesham4Fairtrade meeting last Tuesday. They are thinking of getting a Fairtrade Chiltern Zone together. They also have links with their Churches Together group in Chesham who give them some funds. It was very useful to listen to their ideas.

TT – the price of a banner may vary depending on whether we want it to be for inside or outside

MK – Lauren has sent an e-mail to BidCo re: road signs to ask for their backing.
SM – we may be able to get the support of Wycombe Council Town Committee and then take it to Bucks CC (as they decide on road signs).

MK – when he went to the BNU meeting, there was a lecturer (Art & Design) who is going to run a FT workshop for jewellery during FT Fortnight using recycled glass beads from Africa. She said that Moth’s jewellers in Wycombe are the only independent ones in the town. Perhaps they may be interested in stocking FT gold.

Comments on proposed letter to schools re: FT Art Competition
– We could mention the renewal of our FT Town status
– Peros could perhaps provide a FT hamper for a 1st prize and the FT Easter eggs could be runner-up prizes.

MK – re: our action plan – we have already started or fulfilled some tasks for our first year eg. going to meetings of other steering groups

SM – for the certificate presentation event on Feb 29th, we could do the FT Breakfast idea
MK – it would be good to have a speaker re: Wycombe Environment Centre. One of the BNU students has been volunteering there and could report back?

Discussion re: FT milk
We could do the ‘Fairtrade and Local’ theme for our presentation event
MK – there will be another BNU meeting on 6th January and these ideas could be discussed.

MK – Mike Chadwick from local Friends of the Earth group has suggested we exchange minutes of meetings.

SM – showed materials in a recent mailing from the FT Foundation. SK will get some more of the ‘Sustainable Choice’ leaflets to take to the Wycombe Environment Centre.

MK – need to invite the Chairman of the Council and the High Commissioner to the Presentation Event.
SM – will e-mail Amy to ask her advice on contacting the High Commissioner.
SK – we could invite the Oxfam Shop manager, Nic, to the event.

BS – has seen some FT satsumas in Morrisons

TT – has been trying to gain access to our website.
TT – will pursue his contacts in the business world to try to get someone on the steering group.

SM – will e-mail Melanie Morgan (secretary to Chair of Council) to see if the Chairman can make either Mon 29th Feb or Mon 7th March

Next meeting: Tuesday 12th January

Meeting of 27th October 2015

Micklefield Library, Micklefield Road

Those present:
Mike King Sarah Moroz
Sheena King Bob Smith

MK – re: Fairtrade Town status renewal document – MK got a lot of help from Hull’s submission document. Proposed a vote of thanks to SK for all her work in putting the folder of evidence together.
SK – the process of doing this made her realise all that we had done last year.

MK – tonight wants to prioritise what we want to do. Need to think about how achievable things are and if any activity would need extra manpower. Need to consider Fairtrade Fortnight.

MK – attended the Chesham Fairtrade Town 10th anniversary celebrations and Colin Cartwright has invited any of us to their meeting on 10th November. There were 2 bands at the celebration event. It was held in the market square in Chesham and they had a town crier. An area was cordoned off for children’s activities re: Fairtrade. They had a lady in costume being their local famous abolition of slavery heroine, Lydia Hardy, who was also involved in boycotting sugar from the West Indies (‘one of Chesham’s first Fairtrade campaigners’). MK also met a lady on Chesham’s steering group who runs her own dress-making business and uses Fairtrade fabrics.

MK – The Fairtrade Foundation have now said that we can give an award to our flagship employer ie. Peros

MK – sent round an e-mail to our various contacts (BidCo etc) to tell them about our renewal status and BidCo sent a supportive e-mail back and would be in favour of us having signage. Bucks New Uni is also in our favour. Possibly Peros may be willing to contribute. Peros may also be willing to help us produce a leaflet showing where Fairtrade is available in the Town. Will try to arrange a meeting with James Roberts (vice CEO) at Peros.
SK – discussed the possibility of getting us and/or Peros to do an article for the ‘Link’ magazine – next edition is in March (good timing for Fairtrade Fortnight).

MK – will be going to the Bucks New Uni steering committee for Fairtrade in a couple of week’s time.

MK – Chesham had a good banner about 6ft high which cost about £55 – unrolls and hooks vertically.
SM – will e-mail Chesham group to find out which company they used for their banners and then ask the company what they would need from us.
SK – wording for banner – ‘Wycombe is a Fairtrade Town’?
MK – could also have the Fairtrade logo and perhaps the Wycombe swan symbol.

BS – Wycombe Council seemed to be open to having different flower designs for their flower beds. BS will try to find out how we achieve this with the council.
MK – BidCo were enthusiastic about the flower bed idea.

SK and SM – attended the WI meeting in Hazlemere on 1st October. They are not currently using Fairtrade for their refreshments, so SK mentioned to them that Oxfam now sell Fairtrade tea bags/coffee again.

MK – is willing to switch his area of coverage for the steering group to hotels/health centres/Wycombe Swan. There is a hotel near Ibstone which serves Fairtrade tea/coffee and also uses local produce.

MK – Fairtrade gold/silver seems to be mainly supplied online or in London.
SM – a speaker at the Bristol conference said that he thought one of the criteria for becoming a FT Town should be to have a FT gold stockist in the town.

SM – would like to organise an art competition for schools for next FT Fortnight. We could have the entries on display at an event.

MK – it would be good to have an event where we could ask someone to present our renewal certificate (High Commissioner of St Vincent?) to the Council Chairman/mayor? Venue of this could be Bucks New Uni (Beats Refectory or Board Room).

MK – need more people on the steering group or just to help out at events – people from Peros or students from Bucks New Uni could be among these. BNU are resubmitting for FT status in April/May next year.
SK – it would be good to have an event involving a speaker who is a producer. SK will ask David Sparks how the Tooky talk was organised.

SM – would be good to show a film at some point in the future – maybe the one that Chesham group showed several years ago at the Elgiva.

SK – has done an article for the Nov edition of her church magazine (Christ the Servant King) re: our renewal status etc

MK – Ivan from Wycombe Friends of the Earth said that they may be interested in becoming ‘associate’ friends of our group.

MK – we need to get our contact details on our website

Next meeting: Tuesday 17th or Tuesday 24th November

Meeting of 22nd July 2015

Micklefield Library, Micklefield Road

Those present:

Mike King                      Bob Smith

Sheena King                  Tony Thornby

Sarah Moroz

Re: Fairtrade Town renewal application Action Plan

MK – re: motion to Wycombe District Council – this will be ‘rubber-stamping’ exercise rather than having to get the motion passed again.

TT – re: signage on the roads into Wycombe. If there are no funds available from WDC, we may have to think of fund-raising activities

MK – we could also ask Bucks New Uni, BidsCo and Peros

SM – another group we chatted to at the Bristol conference did want to pay some money towards their signs, so as to maintain some control over them. Also, we could perhaps get a petition together of businesses who would support the road signs (eg. Marks and Spencers) – signing the petition wouldn’t cost businesses anything.

TT – it would also be good to get a banner made saying ‘Wycombe is now a Fairtrade Town’ which we could use. Vistaprint make them

SK – there is a lady at the Oxfam shop who is very gifted artistically and could perhaps design a banner

TT – will try to find out who will be providing the refreshments at the new sports centre

BS – we could approach the Bucks Free Press with an article asking who is out there who stocks Fairtrade

MK – showed a leaflet produced by Monmouth called ‘Finding Fairtrade in Monmouth’ and listing ‘Where to drink Fairtrade’, ‘Where to buy Fairtrade’ and local supporters including ‘Work Places’, ‘Churches’ and ‘Community Groups + Meeting Places’. Also ‘Accommodation Providers serving Fairtrade products’

MK – another idea is to arrange an award scheme

TT – will try to find out who provides the food/drink at the Clare Foundation as they have a shared canteen so this would automatically cover several businesses.

MK – St Vincent 2nd Generation (SV2G) event on the Rye – possibility of having a stall at this year’s event?

TT – we should lobby community centres to serve Fairtrade – also British Legions etc

MK – we should also include pubs which have accommodation

MK – we need to make more use of Twitter/Facebook etc

SK – maybe Peros would do an article for the Link magazine

MK – it would be good to do our own version of the Monmouth leaflet. Also window stickers for supportive shops/caterers.

MK – Twinning idea

Next meeting:   To be arranged

Meeting of 17th June 2015

Micklefield Library, Micklefield Road

Those present:

Mike King                      Bob Smith

Sheena King                  Tony Thornby

Sarah Moroz

Fairtrade Town renewal:

MK- We need a resume of what we have done this year eg. Fairtrade Town certificate presentation event. MK feels it was a good way of doing this, rather than just presenting it at a council meeting.

Also we have to achieve renewal of our motion at Wycombe council. Lesley Clarke has said previously that this wouldn’t be a problem. We need to check on the best way of doing it (via Lesley Clarke’s PA, also check with MKn?)

Links with other groups:

Wycombe Environment Centre                   WI

Transition Town group                                  Friends of the Earth

Oxfam                                                               Bucks New Uni

Save the Children                                           Chesham steering group

SK – has heard that one of the Wycombe WI groups is having a Fairtrade speaker in October (Margaret Dykes, speaking at Cedar Park school on 1st October at 7.30pm).

MK – we could ask the council which meetings use Fairtrade products.

TT – need to see if it is possible to get the road signs for Wycombe, saying that Wycombe is a Fairtrade Town.

SM – perhaps we could ask MKn to pursue this (SK – Matt is on the Town Committee).

MK – Trevor Snaith said at the Civic reception that there was money for these. This would show council support and action.

TT – it would keep reminding residents and visitors that we are a Fairtrade Town.

MK – we also have to update the number of Fairtrade goods in the town’s retail/catering outlets.

TT – the Cash & Carry at Booker have Fairtrade own-brand tea and coffee

SM – also need to find out if any local hotels have Fairtrade refreshments

SK – All Saints Church have opened a cafe within the church and they are a Fairtrade church.

TT – it would be good to see if any companies eg. in Cressex have Fairtrade in their staff canteens.

SM – idea for a painting/colouring competition for schools

TT – Peros could perhaps provide a prize. Also TT knows a cartoonist who may be able to judge it.

MK – children could do pictures of original produce (cocoa beans/cotton etc) and then the finished articles (chocolate/shirts etc)

MK – we could target it for next year’s Fairtrade Fortnight.

MK – it would also be good to produce stickers for retailers to put in windows – Peros may be able to help with this.

MK – we can also update our website as we make progress on these ideas.

The ‘Love Wycombe’ event did not happen this year.

SM – maybe we could ask Nick, Manager of the Oxfam shop, to come to our next meeting.

MK – Lauren is still in post at Bucks New Uni and will be next year.

SM – we should get some ideas at the Bristol Fairtrade Towns conference in July.

MK – we need to increase the number of areas represented on the steering group.

TT – some people may be willing to put their names on the steering group list without actually coming to meetings eg. someone from Peros. We could also involve a local furniture company re: sustainability. It would also be good to have someone from a local hotel or restaurant. We could hold a fundraising event at one of these – a meal + raffle etc.

SK – had a good stall at Radnage last Sunday: raised about £120.

MK – will make a draft of our responses to the renewal application.

SM – will try to contact hotels etc before next meeting re: do they provide any Fairtrade options.

Next meeting:  22nd July 2015

Meeting of 31st March 2015

Micklefield Library, Micklefield Road

Those present:
Mike King Sarah Moroz
Sheena King Tony Thornby

TT – will try to see if there is anyone who could help our group via business networking events

MK – also need to see if there is any funding available, maybe from the Clare Foundation. We could produce a leaflet/window stickers

MK – Bucks New Uni have fed back that they want to work with us in future.
A thank-you note has been received from Lesley Clarke (shown to meeting) following the Fairtrade certificate presentation event and an invitation to MK/SK to her civic reception on 26th March at Wycombe Abbey School which MK and SK attended. At this, MK asked Lesley C about our group having to resubmit our motion to council and she said that shouldn’t be a problem.
Trevor Snaith was there and he said that he had managed to get some money out of the Charter Trustees for road signs saying that Wycombe is a Fairtrade Town.

There was also a young chap who is a councillor and works at Booker Cash & Carry and he said they stock some Fairtrade goods.
Also there is a new Tescos Express at Sands and it has 17 Fairtrade products.

TT – saw Real Easter Egg Company eggs in Tescos Loudwater

MK – the Oxfam shop in Wycombe will be stocking food items again. It might be possible to see if Nick the manager there would like to join our group.

MK – at the volley ball event at Bucks New Uni, there were some Fairtrade volley balls

MK – the Fairtrade stall at Bucks New Uni wasn’t very well positioned and didn’t make much money but it was valuable as a link-up with the uni. Frances Alexander was unable to attend the certificate presentation event on 2nd March because her husband was ill.

SK – handed out photocopies of pages from a booklet re: renewing Fairtrade Town status

MK – Lesley Clarke referred to the 2nd generation St Vincent group at the civic reception and they had a steel band there who are connected with SV2G. The Wycombe Society was also represented at the civic reception.

SM – will carry on work with schools.

MK – also we could write to hotels asking if they use Fairtrade teas/coffees.

MK – we need more group members

TT – maybe we should take it from a different point of view and ask people if they would like to help out with individual events.

SK – we should also work with other groups. Working with the Wycombe Environment Centre would tie in with sustainability, as will be highlighted at the Bristol Conference in July.

TT – we could put something on the website showing where certain Fairtrade products can be found in Wycombe. We could also get pupils from a Fairtrade school to speak to ones from a non-Fairtrade school.
TT – we could also get involved with the ‘Love Wycombe’ (Pentecost) event. Perhaps offer to serve Fairtrade refreshments.

SM – needs to do Barclays form by the end of April

SK – from the booklet re: renewing Fairtrade Town status, there is a note encouraging people to sign up to the e-newsletter for Fairtrade Towns
SK – has been approached to do a Fairtrade stall in a garden at Radnage as part of an ‘Open Gardens’ scheme on 14th June.

Next meeting: TBA

Meeting of 17th February 2015

Micklefield Library, Micklefield Road

Those present:
Mike King Sarah Moroz
Sheena King Bob Smith

MK – saw Karen Johnstone and Lauren Trioano today and has picked up the donations from Peros for the Fairtrade stall and One Can swap shop plus 4 types of tea for the tea-tasting extravaganza. Bucks New Uni are also getting some goods from David Sparks. Natasha Eden (customer relations associate) will be speaking for Peros at the certificate presentation event on 2nd March (together with her colleague Raj). Lesley Clarke and her husband will also be coming. A form from Wycombe District Council needs to be filled in to account for Lesley’s time and what is expected of her.
SM – will contact the Bucks Free Press to arrange for a photographer for 2nd March

MK – received the ‘Fairtrade Matters’ DVD today

SM – re: Traidcraft speaker – is trying to get in touch with Margaret Dykes. Either David or Barbara Sparks will be there but would rather not speak.

MK – will also be going to the Bucks New Uni volley ball event on Tuesday 24th Feb. Needs to find out where the tea-tasting is taking place. The students are organising this.
It would be good if someone from the Uni could come along to our meetings.

SK/BS – are both doing Traidcraft stalls on 1st March: The Avenue church (BS) and Christ the Servant King (SK). On 5th March SK and Maggie are holding a Big Brew event at CSK.

MK – there is a new Tesco Express opening in Sands.
Next meeting: To be arranged

Meeting of 13th January 2015

Micklefield Library, Micklefield Road


Those present:

Mike King                  Becca Rowland (Regional Rep for the

Sheena King                       National Campaigner Committee

Sarah Moroz                      for the Fairtrade Foundation)

Bob Smith


MK – we need to have a meeting with a Business Manager at Barclays re: setting up an account.

SM – left a message for Gemma at BidCo today to ask about getting an article in BidCo magazine.

BR – talked about the trust that people have in the Fairtrade Mark and thinks a lot of it is due to local activism.

MK – has contacted Karen Johnstone and she gave the contact details for Jack Badu’s successor. MK has a meeting with her tomorrow. One suggestion is a tea-tasting extravaganza. Another is a ‘Bring & Buy’ type event where people bring a non-Fairtrade product and exchange it for a Fairtrade one.

MK – gave out print-outs of ideas for Fairtrade events from People and Planet and some that Exeter City Council/Exeter Uni have suggested. We could run the 15min film from the FT Foundation continuously in the Beats Refectory at Bucks New Uni (flat screen or onto a wall).

BR – part of the focus of the film is the impact of Fairtrade. Last year’s FT Fortnight materials were more campaign-based but the need for more info on impact has been put forward – there’s a need to provide evidence to the FT backers.

There was a discussion re: the relevance of the FT model in the UK. MK and SK went to a FT conference a few years ago where this was discussed.

BR – will try to get us some info on sustainability. She knows of a local organic veg box system called Riverford which is based on the co-op system. They may come out and do a presentation – there is a Fairtrade section on their website.

SM – talked about the possibility of doing a formal presentation of our FT Town certificate to Lesley Clarke, either at her offices at council or at a Bucks New Uni event in FT Fortnight.

BR – thinks it might work better at the Bucks New Uni event and we could give her a FT ‘goody’ bag.

MK – will try to fix a date at his meeting with the Uni tomorrow. They don’t have any definite FT Fortnight events in the diary yet. We should also get the Bucks Free Press along.

MK – since our application, two new Tescos have opened, one in Sands and one in Booker.

BR – Tom Palmer, a writer and supporter of FT, has written a book for children, which has a storyline involving FT.

SK – thinking of doing a Big Brew event at Christ the Servant King, perhaps on Thursday 5th March and a Traidcraft stall.

BS – will also run a stall at the Avenue during FT Fortnight.

BR – will send us a list of FT schools. She has been involved with organising some competitions for schools eg. a colouring competition and a picture competition, with the winning design being put onto mugs. Also getting schools to decorate different letters each and then getting them made into bunting and hung in their council offices.

Next meeting:   To be arranged

Meeting of 2nd December 2014

Christ Church, Flackwell Heath

Those present:
Mike King Sarah Moroz
Sheena King Bob Smith

There was a discussion re: the presentation of our Fairtrade Town award to Wycombe council. We were not able to get onto the agenda for the full council meeting on 15th December.
SM – Rachael from the Fairtrade Foundation had agreed to come on the 15th but would not be able to come to the next full council meeting on February 26th as this was too close to Fairtrade Fortnight.

MK – has spent time on the Barclays account forms and decided to go for 2 signatories. We will need to have a meeting with a Business manager.

SK – showed an article from Link magazine which she had written re: Fairtrade in Wycombe. She has also had an article in the magazine of Christ the Servant King church in October.
SM – could also use the article to send to BidCo for their magazine. SM to contact Gemma.

MK – need to organise an event for Fairtrade Fortnight. Could show a film at Bucks New Uni. Pointed out one that was mentioned in Fair Comment (magazine of FT Foundation) which was 15min long and will be available in mid-February. Should we do this in combination with churches, Bucks New Uni or how?
SK – Joyce/Malcolm could perhaps do a talk as well as the film?
MK – could talk to Karen Johnson (the inter-faith coordinator and curate at Bucks New Uni) and to Ruth Gunstone (who sits on the BidCo group) and find out who has replaced Jack Badu. Our event could be in combination with something they are planning?
SK – it would be good to have our next meeting soon after Christmas and get someone from Bucks New Uni to come along.

BS – tried to make contact with the St Vincent 2nd Generation group (SV2G) but drew a blank. Asked people he knows, one of whom came over from St Vincent on the boat and they asked their daughter but they didn’t know about SV2G. BS has heard that they have a steel band though.
SM – it would be good to get a steel band along to an event we organise.

BS – has heard that there is a world shortage of cocoa.

Next meeting: Tuesday 6th/13th Jan